Revolutionizing YouTube Shorts: Unleash Your Creativity with Mind-Blowing New Features! Say Goodbye to TikTok

youtube shorts

The popularity of YouTube needs no introduction, and this platform has been the stepping stone to fame and fortune for many individuals, be it Elvish Yadav or Bhuvan Bam. YouTube has now announced a range of new features aimed at enhancing the creation of captivating short videos, termed as ‘YouTube Shorts’. These innovative features not

Game-Changer Alert: Airtel Unleashes Game-Changing Rs 99 Unlimited Data Pack – Unraveling the Future of Connectivity!


Bharti Airtel Introduces New Rs 99 Unlimited Data Pack to Enhance User Connectivity. In recent months, Bharti Airtel has undertaken significant modifications to its recharge plans, with a focus on meeting the evolving needs of its customer base. The latest strategic move by the telecom giant is aimed at optimizing internet access, as it unveils

Metro Trains Pushed to the Limits! Shocking Experiment Reveals Jaw-Dropping Results on Salem Railway Line

metro train

An innovative experiment is currently underway to assess the robustness of metro trains operating along the Purple Line, with a specific focus on the open web girder (WWG) situated near Benniganahalli on the Salem railway line. The trial run encompasses the stretch between KR Puram and Baiyappanahalli stations, where six coaches of the metro train

Revolutionizing Data Transfer: Is the Lexar Jumprive S80 the Ultimate USB Flash Drive? Our In-Depth Review Reveals All

Lexar Jumprive S80

In today’s digital landscape, USB flash drives have become as familiar as laptops themselves, serving as essential tools for data transfer through simple plug-and-play functionality. The Lexar Jumpdrive S80 follows suit in this well-established paradigm, effectively fulfilling its role much like any other USB flash drive available on the market. The unit under scrutiny is

ALERT: New ‘Eris’ COVID Variant Sweeping the Globe! Is It Deadlier Than Omicron?


Surge in COVID-19 Infections and Hospitalizations Evident Across the Globe: EG.5 ‘Eris’ Variant Draws Attention As COVID-19 cases and hospital admissions continue to rise in various regions including the U.S., Europe, and Asia, health authorities are highlighting the EG.5 ‘Eris’ coronavirus, a subvariant originating from the Omicron lineage first identified in November 2021. But what


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