Personal and Group Chats to Be Separated in WhatsApp Group Chat Filter for Easier Navigation with the New Feature

WhatsApp Group Chat Filter

WhatsApp Group Chat Filter: Meta’s widely used messaging application, WhatsApp, boasts millions of users across the globe. The platform consistently introduces a variety of features, particularly for extensive user groups. If you happen to be a WhatsApp user engaged in numerous groups and often encounter difficulties in sorting through group and personal chats, this recent

Shashijit Infraprojects Share Doubled Money in 1 Year, Now Shares to Split into 5, Priced Under ₹50

Shashijit Infraprojects Share

Shashijit Infraprojects Share: Shashijit Infraprojects Ltd has displayed an impressive performance in the stock market over the past year, delivering substantial returns to investors who held positions. A noteworthy development for investors is Shashijit Infraprojects Ltd’s decision to split its shares into five parts. As of the recent market closing on Friday, the stock was

Multibagger Stocks: A ₹15 Share That Made Millionaires Still Offering Opportunities to Print Profits

Multibagger Stocks

Multibagger Stocks: APL Apollo Tubes, a prominent company specializing in structural steel tubing, recently reached a historic high in its share price, just two days ago. Remarkably, it has not only transformed investors into millionaires over the past decade but has also demonstrated its potential for generating substantial returns in the short term. Within a

When You Search for ‘Jawan’ on Google, You Won’t Believe What You See


Google’s Jawan Search: Google consistently manages to amaze people with its innovative offerings. In its most recent surprise move, Google has introduced an exciting feature for cinema enthusiasts. Coinciding with the release of the film “Jawan” on September 7th, Google is also getting in on the excitement. To experience this unique feature, simply navigate to

IRS Officer Arrested in Love with Navya Nayar Allegedly Laundered Millions, Driver Reveals Shocking Details

Navya Nayar

The Enforcement Directorate (ED), while investigating a money laundering case, has disclosed several revelations about IRS officer Sachin Sawant. According to the ED, Sachin had met Malayalam actress Navya Nayar 15-20 times in Kochi. As per the chargesheet presented in the special court, it is alleged that Sawant had gifted Nayar items worth approximately 1.75

This Stock Could Surge Up to ₹50, Dealers Make Big Buys in the Trading Rooms

Investment Strategy

As the weekly expiry date approaches, Bank Nifty is experiencing significant downward pressure, with levels falling below 44,300. Meanwhile, the Nifty index is nearing 19,500. Despite a seven-day record run, the mid-cap segment is displaying signs of softness. Even in a relatively weak market, pharmaceutical stocks are showing resilience. Oro Pharma, Sun Pharma, and Torrent

Fill Your Bag for Just ₹500 at Asia’s Largest Garments Market

Asia's Largest Garments Market

In various parts of Delhi, there are vibrant street shopping markets, with some being particularly famous. However, many of these markets predominantly cater to women shoppers. Today, we’re introducing you to a market where men can enjoy budget-friendly and stylish shopping. Situated in Delhi’s Gandhi Nagar, this market stands as the largest ready-made garments market