Personal and Group Chats to Be Separated in WhatsApp Group Chat Filter for Easier Navigation with the New Feature

WhatsApp Group Chat Filter

WhatsApp Group Chat Filter: Meta’s widely used messaging application, WhatsApp, boasts millions of users across the globe. The platform consistently introduces a variety of features, particularly for extensive user groups.

If you happen to be a WhatsApp user engaged in numerous groups and often encounter difficulties in sorting through group and personal chats, this recent update may bring you satisfaction. WhatsApp is preparing to introduce a segregation of personal and group chats.

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What is the WhatsApp Group Chat Filter? According to the latest report from Wabetainfo, WhatsApp has rolled out an update to its chat filter. This new feature empowers WhatsApp users to take full control of their conversations. The report illustrates the WhatsApp chat filter through a screenshot, showcasing the ability to view WhatsApp chats in categories such as All, Unread, Contacts, and Group.

Previously, WhatsApp users were informed of plans to merge group, community, and personal chats under a single “Personal” category. Now, personal chats will reside under the “Contacts” category, while group chats will be housed in the “Group” category. Additionally, the feature eliminates the Business filter.

Benefits of WhatsApp Chat Filter The WhatsApp chat filter enables users to categorize their chats effectively, facilitating the rapid retrieval of specific conversations.

How to Utilize the New Feature It’s worth noting that the WhatsApp group chat filter feature is presently in the development phase. WhatsApp is expected to release this new update to users in the near future. At present, only WhatsApp Android beta testers have access to this new feature.

The alteration in WhatsApp can be observed in the beta Android update. The new WhatsApp update is readily available on the Google Play Store. Users can update their application from the Play Store to explore the new feature.

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