Twitter’s Shocking Move: National Flag Backlash and Elon Musk in the Spotlight

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A controversy has emerged on Twitter surrounding the use of the national flag. In light of the August 15th celebrations, individuals were expressing their patriotism by incorporating the flag into their Twitter profile photos. However, Twitter’s response to this has led to the removal of the blue verification tick from accounts that displayed the flag in their profile images. This decision has raised concerns among users, who are now directing criticism at both Twitter and Elon Musk.

Twitter’s Enforcement of Flag Usage Rules

Twitter has deemed the inclusion of the flag in profile pictures as a violation of its guidelines. Consequently, the platform has rescinded the blue verification tick from affected accounts. While Twitter had previously initiated special campaigns for occasions such as August 15th and August 26th, allowing users to add images to their profiles, potential changes in regulations under Elon Musk’s leadership remain uncertain as of now.

Measures Implemented to Counter Fake Accounts

In an effort to combat fake accounts, Elon Musk introduced a rule stipulating that profile photos and usernames must remain unchanged. Violation of this rule resulted in the removal of profile verification, affecting blue, gold, and grey ticks alike.

Steps to Restore the Blue Verification Tick

For those who have lost their blue verification tick, a review process is necessary for reinstatement. Upon successful review, the blue tick will be reinstated.

Eligibility for the Blue Verification Tick

The coveted blue tick is granted to those who have a monthly subscription, involving a corresponding fee. Additionally, users boasting over 1 million subscribers are currently being granted a blue subscription free of charge.

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