Supercharge Your PC Skills with These Mind-Blowing Keyboard Shortcuts Now

Keyboard Shortcut

To perform any task on a PC or laptop, the use of a keyboard is essential to facilitate typing and make work easier. While some tasks can be accomplished on a PC through mouse clicks, Windows offers several shortcuts that enhance productivity. Let’s explore some of these noteworthy shortcuts…

Win + Alt + R: Pressing this combination initiates screen recording, a process that completes within a matter of seconds.

Win + number: Pressing this combination opens pinned apps on the taskbar instantly. If you find it bothersome to open and minimize pinned apps on the taskbar, using Win + 1, 2, 3 will launch them.

Win + D: This action either hides or shows the desktop.

Alt + Enter: To access the properties of a folder or file, right-click and select the properties option. This shortcut eliminates the need for additional steps.

Win + I: Pressing this opens Windows settings all at once, saving the hassle of navigating through the Start menu and clicking on the settings icon.

Ctrl + number: If you’re seeking a quick way to navigate between browser tabs, File Explorer, or even Notepad, use Ctrl + 1, 2, 3, 4, etc. to navigate to specific tabs.

Spacebar: Pressing the spacebar on a checkbox instantly toggles it between checked and unchecked states.

Num Lock + Asterisk (*): If you’re unsure about the subfolders within a selected folder, press Num Lock and * together to view all subfolders of the chosen folder.

F11: Pressing F11 maximizes or minimizes the selected window promptly.

Ctrl + +/-: Simultaneously pressing Ctrl + +/- adjusts the zoom level of a web page on any browser.

Incorporating these keyboard shortcuts into your PC usage can significantly boost efficiency and streamline various tasks.

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