Metro Trains Pushed to the Limits! Shocking Experiment Reveals Jaw-Dropping Results on Salem Railway Line

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An innovative experiment is currently underway to assess the robustness of metro trains operating along the Purple Line, with a specific focus on the open web girder (WWG) situated near Benniganahalli on the Salem railway line. The trial run encompasses the stretch between KR Puram and Baiyappanahalli stations, where six coaches of the metro train have been strategically loaded with sandbags to determine its load-bearing capacity.

The primary objective of this rigorous testing is to meticulously examine how the introduction of additional weight impacts the structural integrity of the girder, specifically its ability to effectively accommodate passengers during peak usage hours, all while adhering to internationally recognized standards. This meticulous assessment forms a critical component of the comprehensive trial run for the metro, with a dedicated emphasis on the recently implemented open web girder, which was erected in February.

Significant Progress Made on South India’s Tallest Flyover in Bengaluru

This substantial girder spans an impressive 65 meters in length and 11.450 meters in width, towering at an impressive height of 650 meters and boasting a weight of approximately 550 tons. It incorporates a specialized spherical bearing type and maintains a clearance of 8.45 meters at its base, ensuring seamless and unhindered railway operations.

Bengaluru’s First Suburban Railway Project on Track for Year-End Approval

The upcoming week is poised for comprehensive trial runs, encompassing routes from KR Puram to Baiyappanahalli, as well as Kengeri to Challaghatta. These meticulously planned trials represent a preliminary step toward establishing optimal speed limits along these routes. Subsequently, as confirmed by Yashwant Chauhan, the Public Relations Officer of BMRCL, the Metro Safety Commissioner is scheduled to conduct an exhaustive inspection by the close of this month.

Upon successful completion of the rigorous inspection process, an official communication will be dispatched to the state government, formally seeking approval for the impending inauguration of the metro line. With government approval expected, the entire 43 km stretch of the Purple Line is poised to be unveiled for public utilization, marking a significant milestone according to officials from BMRCL.

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