Solar Panels for Free: Company Covers All Costs, Find Out the Details of This Scheme

Solar Panels for Free

In the current era, various experiments are taking place worldwide with renewable energy resources. Many individuals are opting for solar panels in their homes to harness affordable electricity. You can have a solar panel setup that generates electricity according to your needs. However, installing solar panels requires a substantial investment, which can be costly for many.

If you’re keen on having solar panels on your home but lack the budget, there’s a solution. A model has emerged to address this issue. A company has introduced a model where they will set up solar panels on your roof and charge you for the electricity used each month.

Company to Cover the Entire Cost of Solar Panel Installation

Renewable energy service company, RESCO, provides electricity through renewable energy sources to consumers. This company brings forth a model wherein they will install solar panels on your rooftop. Additionally, the company will handle the maintenance and management. The electricity produced will be tailored to your needs and any excess energy will be supplied to the grid. Under the RESCO model, you don’t need to make any investments. The entire cost is covered by the company, while you’ll only pay for the electricity you use.

What Are the Benefits for You?

By opting for the RESCO model and having solar panels installed on your roof, the responsibility of managing and operating the entire project rests with RESCO, relieving you of the burden of a hefty investment. The surplus energy generated from this project can be sold by RESCO, preventing energy wastage. Solar energy projects for electricity are a cost-effective option, helping to reduce your monthly electricity expenses.

Environmental Benefits

Solar energy is being experimented with in various ways worldwide to reduce carbon emissions. Solar energy is instrumental in reducing air pollution, as it doesn’t release carbon like fossil fuels. Nowadays, solar panels are also being used for irrigation in fields, and the government provides subsidies to farmers for this purpose.

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