Unveiling the World’s Hottest Phone List! Apple’s Dominance Soars, Samsung Shines, and Xiaomi Surprises

Top Smartphone

Every day, over 100 smartphones are launched worldwide. In India alone, a minimum of 10 smartphones are introduced every month. Companies make various claims about their phones, touting them as the best, but the ultimate verdict lies with the users.

Typically, the ‘best’ phone is considered the one with the highest sales or the one that has been purchased by the most people. Market research firm Omdia has released a list of the best-selling smartphones in the world.

Top 10 Best-Selling Smartphones Globally:

According to Omdia’s list, just like last year, Apple is leading the race this year as well. Topping the list of the world’s best-selling smartphones is the iPhone 14 Pro Max. This is Apple’s most expensive iPhone and has emerged as the best-selling phone worldwide in the first half of 2023. The second and third spots are occupied by the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 13, respectively.

Top Smartphone

According to Omdia’s data, Apple has sold 26.5 million units of the iPhone 14 Pro and 15.5 million units of the iPhone 13. When it comes to Android, Samsung has taken the lead in this category.

The Samsung Galaxy A13 makes it to the top 5 list. This phone has been purchased by 124 million users. Its sales were 162 million last year. Last year, Xiaomi’s Redmi series phone was part of this list, but it’s not included this time.

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