Elon Musk Battle Against Twitter Bots Takes a Shocking Turn: The Resurgence of Fake Accounts on X

Elon Musk

When Elon Musk took over X (formerly known as Twitter), he asserted that eradicating bots from X was his top priority. To a considerable extent, Elon Musk made progress in this regard. However, since their initiation of the Ad Revenue Program, bots have made a resurgence on X. According to a report, bots on X are now being used to create fake accounts using users’ profile photos and selfies.

Indiana University has stated in its report that they have identified 1,140 artificial intelligence-supported bots on X that are creating thousands of fraudulent accounts each day. These bots are utilizing users’ images for this purpose. The identification of these bots has been labeled as the “Fox8” botnet. These bots are using AI tools similar to ChatGPT to generate counterfeit content and create fake profiles.

These bots are using the fabricated accounts on X to post about cryptocurrency, urging people to invest in Bitcoin. Additionally, the Fox8 botnet accounts are also sharing false news. These bots are sharing posts ranging from election-related content to health advice. Moreover, they are also sharing links containing fake information and malware.

The researchers have not disclosed the names of the accounts involved. The report indicates that certain phrases are being repetitively used by these accounts. After the release of this report, X has deleted around 1,140 bot accounts. However, users should remain cautious regarding their profile photos and images.

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