Meta Unleashes Threads Web Version with Surprising Features


Meta has announced the launch of the web version of its Threads app. Through the web version, users can like, share, and comment on posts, browse their feeds, and switch between different tabs. According to Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg, this could be launched in the coming days.

Threads is being considered a competitor to Twitter, now renamed X. Threads claims to provide users with a more democratic and transparent platform to express their opinions and interests. The app was launched in July and quickly gained over 100 million users. It even surpassed ChatGPT’s record-breaking debut. However, due to data protection regulations, the app is currently not available in the European Union.

Not All Features Available on the Web

In the web version of Threads, not all features available in the mobile app will be present. Users won’t be able to edit their profiles, post in Instagram DMs, or access some advanced app settings. Meta spokesperson Christine Pai mentioned that the purpose of the web version is to provide basic functionalities to users who use social media on their desktop browsers.

According to some analytics firms, the web version is being launched at a time when Threads is facing a decline in user engagement. Meta hopes that the web version will attract more users and keep them active on the platform. Additionally, the company is working on improving the search function and adding categories and topics for users to explore within Threads.

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