Man Goes Deaf After 10-Minute Passionate Kiss! The Shocking Reason Will Leave You Speechless

Passionate Kiss

In China, a man has reportedly experienced hearing loss after engaging in a 10-minute kiss with his girlfriend. According to a report by the South China Morning Post, the man was promptly taken to the hospital following the kiss. Medical professionals determined that the forceful kissing had caused a rupture in his eardrum due to the pressure changes resulting from deep breaths taken during the kiss. The report indicates that his ability to hear was compromised after sharing an intense lip-lock with his girlfriend. This incident occurred at West Lake in the Eastern Zhejiang Province of China, and the individuals involved are identified as a couple.

Media outlets have disclosed that on the 22nd of August, while engaged in a kissing session, the man began experiencing acute pain in his ear. This event transpired during a romantic outing at West Lake in Eastern Zhejiang Province, China. He was rapidly transported to a hospital, where medical professionals confirmed the ruptured eardrum. They advised him that a complete recovery would likely take approximately two months, and he was prescribed a course of antibiotics.

Mechanism of Deafness Occurrence

Medical experts explained that an emotionally charged kiss can lead to rapid shifts in air pressure within the ear. Taking deep breaths during a kiss can lead to an equilibrium disruption that impacts the eardrum. Consequently, taking forceful breaths while engaged in a passionate kiss can pose risks. Medical practitioners strongly discourage such actions. As per reports from various media outlets, this isn’t the first documented case of this nature. In 2008, a young woman in Southern China suffered partial hearing loss when her partner kissed her with great intensity. A 20-year-old woman from Zhuhai, located in the South Guangdong Province, lost some of her hearing in her left ear due to an impassioned kiss.

Impact on Chinese Social Media

According to the South China Morning Post report, this incident has generated significant interest on Chinese social media platforms. The news garnered over 1 million likes and prompted around 400,000 comments. One user quipped, “It’s been revealed that love can, in fact, roar loudly enough to deafen ears.” Another user humorously added, “This is precisely why I have no interest in seeking a partner. It’s quite perilous.”

This incident serves as a reminder that even seemingly harmless romantic gestures can have unintended health consequences.

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