Meta Shuts Down Instagram-Facebook Chat Feature – What Happens Next Will Surprise You!

Meta is preparing to discontinue a unique service on its Facebook and Instagram platforms. According to a report, a well-known app researcher has disclosed that Meta intends to terminate cross-app messaging between Facebook Messenger and Instagram after a 45-day period. Specifically, app researcher Alessandro Paluzzi, also known as @alex193a, shared a screenshot revealing Meta’s plan to end cross-app messaging between Instagram and Facebook Messenger. This service is expected to be halted in mid-October, which means it will continue to operate for approximately 45 more days.


The shared image displays an Instagram inbox message that states, “After mid-October, you will no longer be able to chat with Facebook friends on Instagram, so this chat will become read-only. To continue the conversation, start a new chat on Messenger or Facebook.” It appears that after the shutdown, Meta will not remove Facebook Messenger chats from Instagram; they will remain available for reading only. Currently, it is unclear whether Meta will delete these chats or leave that decision to the users.

How Instagram-Messenger Cross-App Messaging Functions

Meta introduced the cross-app messaging feature between Instagram and Messenger in September 2020. Its aim was to enable users to respond to messages and engage in chats with friends across both apps seamlessly, eliminating the need for inconvenience. This means that if you are on Instagram and receive a message on Messenger, there will be no requirement to exit Instagram and switch to the Messenger app to reply. You can participate directly in the conversation within Instagram. This feature also functions the other way around, allowing users to engage in chats when they receive Instagram DMs while on Facebook.

Official Announcement Still Pending

Meta has not yet made an official announcement regarding this change. Therefore, we currently lack clear insight into why the company is considering discontinuing this feature.

Meta offers several other integrated features between Facebook and Instagram. It enables users to seamlessly share stories, posts, and reels between these two major social media platforms. This is particularly advantageous for content creators as they no longer have to post content separately on both apps. They only need to publish it on one app, and it will automatically be shared on the other. Cross-platform support also helps enhance the visibility and reach of content.

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