This Stock Could Surge Up to ₹50, Dealers Make Big Buys in the Trading Rooms

Nila Infrastructure share
Slight movements can mean big profits

As the weekly expiry date approaches, Bank Nifty is experiencing significant downward pressure, with levels falling below 44,300. Meanwhile, the Nifty index is nearing 19,500. Despite a seven-day record run, the mid-cap segment is displaying signs of softness.

Even in a relatively weak market, pharmaceutical stocks are showing resilience. Oro Pharma, Sun Pharma, and Torrent Pharma have registered gains of up to 3%. Conversely, there has been profit-taking in the metal and public sector bank sectors.

The energy sector has shown robust performance today, with Petronet LNG FNO leading the way with a 6% surge. GAIL, IGL, and MGL have also recorded gains of up to 3%. It’s worth noting that shares of Jio Financial Services will be delisted from all NSE indices, including Nifty, starting tomorrow.

Within the trading rooms today, two stocks have garnered significant attention. Dealers have made notable moves in shares of Ipca Labs and HDFC Bank. According to sources within CNBC-Awaaz, dealers have advised clients to consider buying shares of Ipca Labs, anticipating a positive trend. They point out that fresh buying in this stock occurred during the September series, with a 6% increase in open interest. Dealers foresee potential positional gains of Rs. 40-50 in this stock.

HDFC Bank, the country’s largest bank in terms of market capitalization, has also been a focus within the trading rooms. Dealers have suggested clients consider purchasing HDFC Bank shares, a prominent private sector bank. FII activity indicated buying in the stock today. According to dealers, the stock has a potential target range of Rs. 1,650 to Rs. 1,670, with fresh buying observed during the September series.

Disclaimer: This information is provided for informational purposes only. Investing in the market involves inherent risks, and it is advisable to seek expert advice before making investment decisions.

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